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I'm fairly new to C++ and when I was trying to compile my project, Visual Studio 2010 Express encountered a fatal error saying "Cannot open include file: 'ofstream': No such file or directory" The source code for one of my implementation files (where I'm experiencing the error) is as follows:

#include "Character.h"
#include <iostream>
#include <ofstream>

using namespace std;

ofstream characterSave;

// Sets the character's name to what the user inputted
void Character::setName(string name)
    // Set characterName to equal what user inputted
    characterName = name;

// Output the character's name when called
string Character::getName()
    // Return characterName
    return characterName;

// Save the user's data to save.dat
void Character::saveToFile()
    // Creates new save file

    // Writes character's name to first line of save file
    characterSave << characterName << endl;

    // Closes save file

I've searched around online, and I cannot find anyone else with this problem. Could it be my local copy of Visual Studio Express? Any help would be much appreciated.

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Google for ofstream, first result shows you need header <fstream> –  Peter Wood Apr 5 '12 at 9:33

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You need

#include <fstream>

That's where ofstream is declared.

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Thank you! Finally got it working. –  Zach Latta Apr 5 '12 at 22:53

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