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I'm experiencing a weird gdb problem.

I'm working on some code that will be run on a LEON2 processor, for this part of the test I'm using a simulator of said processor.

To debug, I simply start my simulator with the -gdb option which tells him to listen to port 1234. From within Eclipse I created a debug configuration using gdb on port 1234. I can launch my program, step and run works fine and the execution of the whole code works fine. The problem arises when I want to debug some code, Eclipse returns variables value with for a lot of variables.

When looking at the gdb traces I see some odd stuff but I'm not sure why.

symbol-file /home/bisel/workspace/DRV/TEST/UT/BIN/BCC/o-driver_1553_ut/exe/driver_1553_ut.exe
&"symbol-file /home/bisel/workspace/DRV/TEST/UT/BIN/BCC/o-driver_1553_ut/exe/driver_1553_ut.exe\n"
~"Reading symbols from /home/bisel/workspace/DRV/TEST/UT/BIN/BCC/o-driver_1553_ut/exe/driver_1553_ut.exe..."

So the symbols seem to be loaded fine and the connection works well. After this lots of commands are executed and seem to be ok (no errors).

At this point I press continue and I have a breakpoint inside a function that uses a structure. In Eclipse the structure is collapsed so I don't see the members I can see the following info which is ok.

Name          Type       Value
tests_seq     t_ut_test* 0x4002F0F4

Now if I want to see the content I just expand this variable but Eclipse doesn't show anything and I get the following error messages from gdb.

0",type="<unknown type>"},child={name="var2.ut_fpt_init",exp="ut_fpt_init",numchild="0",type="void (\
*)()"},child={name="var2.ut_fpt_check",exp="ut_fpt_check",numchild="0",type="<unknown type> (*)()"},\
est",exp="desc_test",numchild="100",type="char [100]"},child={name="var2.check_values",exp="check_va\

Then there are a list of command which contain the member of my t_ut_test structure which all return errors.

397,345 58-var-info-path-expression var2.return_value
397,345 59-var-info-path-expression var2.ut_fpt_init
397,345 60-var-info-path-expression var2.ut_fpt_check
397,345 61-var-info-path-expression var2.params
397,345 62-var-info-path-expression var2.desc_test
397,345 63-var-info-path-expression var2.check_values
397,345 64-var-info-path-expression var2.init_values
397,345 58^error,msg="Undefined MI command: var-info-path-expression"
397,345 (gdb) 
397,345 59^error,msg="Undefined MI command: var-info-path-expression"
397,345 (gdb) 
397,345 60^error,msg="Undefined MI command: var-info-path-expression"
397,345 (gdb) 
397,345 61^error,msg="Undefined MI command: var-info-path-expression"
397,345 (gdb) 
397,345 62^error,msg="Undefined MI command: var-info-path-expression"
397,345 (gdb) 
397,345 63^error,msg="Undefined MI command: var-info-path-expression"
397,345 (gdb) 
397,345 64^error,msg="Undefined MI command: var-info-path-expression"
397,346 (gdb) 

Does that mean my Eclipse is trying to send newish gdb command that my actual gdb command doesn't support? I really don't know gdb that well so if you guys could give me a hand it would be very appreciated.

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Well after many hours lost on this problem, we finally nailed it... It was simply our "custom" gdb that we used that was a too old version... –  Leo Apr 5 '12 at 11:38
After a bit more investigation it's a bit more complicated than that. The gdb we were given is too old but we were also compiling with fstabs to use the code coverage application and that was apparently throwing gdb into errors. –  Leo Apr 5 '12 at 12:40

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