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I'm having a problem and can't seem to find the solution..

int linearSearch(nodeptr list,char search){
    int pos =0;
        return -1;
    while(list->info!=search && list!=NULL){
        return -1;
        return pos;

I always get a runtime error.. :(

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What kind of error? And at a guess: while(list->info!=search && list!=NULL) should be the other way round. You dereference list before checking if it is NULL. – BoBTFish Apr 5 '12 at 8:53
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while(list->info!=search && list!=NULL)

should be:

while(list!=NULL && list->info!=search) 

This is called as Short-circuit evaluation.
When you use && the first expression is guaranteed to be executed before the second for inbuilt primitive types[#1].

In your case the dereferencing happens before the NULLcheck, So when list == NULL, You will end up derefrencing the NULLand causing an Undefined Behavior and a crash.

In the sugeested solution:
if list == NULL then the second condition will not be evaluated.

[#1]C++03 Standard 1.9.18:

In the evaluation of the following expressions

a && b
a || b
a ? b : c
a , b

using the built-in meaning of the operators in these expressions, there is a sequence point after the evaluation of the first expression (12).

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Thank you so much! – Xegara Apr 5 '12 at 9:03

you are not checking for the validity of list here:

while(list->info!=search && list!=NULL)

try checking list!=NULL before list->info.

Also, don use the name list, it is the name of a standard library container.

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&& conditions are evaluated in the order they are specified, so in you case when list becomes NULL in the loop during the next iteration you are first trying to do list->info != search which results in access violation. You need to reverse the condition to list != NULL && list->info != search.

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