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I can't find information anywhere regarding this HTTP Header: PAGE_CACHE_FILTER_STATE.

When I try to access my RSS feed from a browser, this header has the value of NoCacheRequest, but when I access it from my Java application (URL.openConnection()), I've noticed that it gets set to FromCacheRequest and my RSS doesn't appear to update.

So I have two questions:

  1. What is this HTTP header?
  2. How can I make PAGE_CACHE_FILTER_STATE: NoCacheRequest for all requests?
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I've never heard about nor seen PAGE_CACHE_FILTER_STATE before either, so I can't help you out with the actual specifications for it. It looks like a custom header telling you whether a cached version of the content was used or not.

To avoid caching, you could try programmatically adding something different to the URL each time. For example, you might add a random number:



You should also try sending the Pragma: no-cache and Cache-Control: no-cache HTTP headers when you request the RSS feed.

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