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I want to remove a css class before adding a new class to an element. If I know which exact class the element has already, I can remove that by


But the problem is that #test does not have always same class. So I would like to remove any css class attached attached to #test before adding before adding a new one. How should I do that? Thanks.

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It always helps to read the docs - .removeClass() – Christian Varga Apr 5 '12 at 9:32
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Will remove any class that the item has you can simply add your new class after that like you are doing now

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$('#test').attr('class', '').addClass('new_class');


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How many different classes do you have?!

You could make a distinct check for each class

var not_allowed = ["class_1", "class_2", "class_3"];

for(i = 0; i < not_allowed.length; i++){
    if($("#test").hasClass(not_allowed[i])) $("#test").removeClass(not_allowed[i])


Or you could remove all classes at once with .removeClass() without any parameters and then add the new class

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Firstly remove all the classes using jqery's removeClass() function and then add the classes according to your need. Code is $('your class').removeClass();

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