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I am using the sanitizer plugin in grails and it internally uses the antisamy policy xml to apply sanitization rules to ui input. The policy xml I have selected is antisamy-myspace.xml which filters javascript tags and code and the < html > and < body > and < head > tags.

The problem is its also rejecting some grails tags particularly the following 2:

1) <g:formatDate date="${frmDateStr}" format="EEE, MMMM dd, yyyy"/>

2) <g:each in="${resourcelist}" var="resourceid"> some content here..</g:each>

These two tags do not pass the validation, I need to make them pass or allowable through the validator, also I want to allow the < html > and < body > and < head > tags.

How do I modify the antisamy policy file to allow these tags?\ Thanks in Advance

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Hi, I just did some more research on the above tags and the problem is "<g" is not allowed? the crude option right now i am thinking is include a space between '<' and 'g' for all such tags and then after validation again remove the space.. or is there a way I can allow this using a regex from the xml? – pri_dev Apr 5 '12 at 19:01
You may want to give a look to grails.org/plugin/html-cleaner as well, it provides a simple to use DSL to define tag whitelists – sudhir Apr 17 '12 at 7:44

Have a look at the antisamy-anythinggoes sanitizer policy file, and then just trace all the bits for an known tag. From a quick browse, it looks like you'll need entries in tag-rules, and make sure to specify the attributes. You will have to define the reg expressions to catch those values as well. More about Antisamy can be found [here].1

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