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I run 3 parallel threads (plus current thread) in a method to parallelize calls to na optimization method. Code looks like

{ // run algorithms
    solverParallelData* parallelData = new solverParallelData(this); 

        initPt[j] = initPts[i][j];


// retrieve results
solverParallelData *parallelDataRes;

    for(int i = 0; i < dataList.size(); i++) 
        parallelDataRes =;

        int output = parallelDataRes->resultOptim();


where resultOptim() is a method in solverParallelData simply calling QFuture result(). The dataList seems to be filled properly. However, the line

  int output = parallelDataRes->resultOptim();

gives an unhandled exception which I cannot identify. Previouly, I had issues with concurrent access, and program crashes in QMutex class. Now I guess the source is different, but I cannot figure out what is wrong.

Thanks and regards.

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do you compile with the -pthread option? (assuming gcc) – inf Apr 8 '12 at 8:36

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