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Is it possible to use the OpenFileDialog class select a file OR folder? It appears only to allow the selection of a file, if you select a folder and then choose open it will navigate to that folder.

If the OpenFileDialog can not be used for this is there another object I should be using?

EDIT: The scenario is that I have a tool that can upload one...many files or folders. I need to be able to provide a dialog like the OpenFileDialog that allows a user to select a file, folder, or a combination of. I know about the FolderBrowseDialog and that is not the answer in this case.

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This is the solution I have been looking for, this article provides code and describes how to create a dialog that meets my needs.

CodeProject: Full Implementation of IShellBrowser

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Yes, you can use OpenFileDialog to select a folder. Here is an article in CodeProject that demonstrated a way to do it (

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In my experience in .NET, I would have to say no, sorry for the negative and short answer, but I really don't think there is

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I think you are right. Hoping someone here can prove us both wrong. – spoon16 Sep 19 '08 at 7:39
Yes in my experience you are right. Shame though. – robintw Sep 19 '08 at 7:45

If you have time, you can create your own pretty easily by using the System.Windows.Forms.TreeView Class. Each node can have a checkbox, so If you populate the treeview (onexpand) you can let the user select the files/directories he wants to upload.

This should get you started on populating the treeview with directories, the job to also add files in the treeview should not be that hard:

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No: the OpenFileDialog is just for opening files. Anyway there is a FolderBrowserDialog you can use for that.

[Edit] Answered too fast: the Edit from the questioner was afterwards.

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From the question: "I know about the FolderBrowseDialog and tha is not the answer in this case." – Espo Sep 19 '08 at 7:54

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