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I'm running a project in subversion. I was having a problem commiting, one of the folders was giving a 'is missing or not locked' error, so following the advice I could find I deleted the folder locally, did a clean up and tried to update. This did not work. After some more tries I though it's easier to revert to a working version.

However, when I tried that I got the following error:

svn: Cannot read from '/homes/ndeklein/workspace/MS/.svn/format': /homes/ndeklein/workspace/MS/.svn/format (No such file or directory)

I checked .svn and indeed it does not have a format file or directory. My svn project now can't revert, update or commit. Is it possible to remake the format file or directory?

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Just take a fresh checkout dude. –  Praveen-K Apr 5 '12 at 10:51
I did that, but trying to commit to it gives: svn: PUT of '/svn/something/!svn/wrk/67282582-3601-0010-ae95-c36a4c2a8e26/ndeklein/MS/.pydev‌​project': 500 Internal Server Error (svn.somewhere.ac.uk) –  Niek de Klein Apr 5 '12 at 10:56

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