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Is it possible to navigate to the APP.xaml from mainpage.xaml? As far as I know it is called by default. It calls Application_Launching() when the application launches.

Can any one help me on this? I want to navigate to the App.xaml page so that it Directly calls the automatescript.cs file to launch tha application. Thanks in Advance

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There seems to be a very similar question, "Is it possible to navigate to the APp.xaml from mainpage.xaml", asked here :-


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It might help if you describe what you are trying to achieve rather than be so specific. However, with your question phrased as it is, the answer is no.

The WP7 navigation framework revolves around the concept of pages. For your application to navigate to a 'xaml' file it must be a page (as opposed to a user control or something else). Your app.xaml file does not describe a page, hence it cannot be navigated to.

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