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i have a table like this

ID  Name    Mother  Father
1   Sue     NULL    NULL
2   Ed      NULL    NULL
3   Emma    1       2
4   Jack    1       2
5   Jane    NULL    NULL
6   Bonnie  5       4
7   Bill    5       4

and i need output as below

ID  Name    Mother  Father
3   Emma    sue     ed
4   jack    sue     ed
6   bonnie  jane    jack
7   bill    jane    jack

i have tried writing query with join n cte but couldnt come up with the logic , can someone please help me out

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3 Answers 3

SELECT t.ID, t.Name, m.Name, f.Name
FROM your_table t
INNER JOIN your_table m ON m.ID = t.Mother
INNER JOIN your_table f ON f.ID = t.Father

Use LEFT JOIN if you want to include records without Mother and/or Father nodes:

SELECT t.ID, t.Name, ISNULL(m.Name, 'Orphan') Mother, ISNULL(f.Name, 'Orphan') Father
FROM your_table t
LEFT JOIN your_table m ON m.ID = t.Mother
LEFT JOIN your_table f ON f.ID = t.Father
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thanks a lot David worked !!! –  LOL Apr 5 '12 at 10:45

try something like this:

select,, as mother, as father
from people p
inner join people p1 on = p.mother
inner join people p2 on = p.father
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Select Query

SELECT A.*    
FROM tbl A   
    ,tbl M    
    ,tbl F    
WHERE A.Mother = M.ID     
    AND A.Father = F.ID    

without inner join..

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This is still an INNER JOIN –  bluefeet May 14 at 14:40
i means to says Without Inner join keyword ... –  ANjANi Gupta May 14 at 15:23

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