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I am using AES for encryption and decryption both in JAVA and Symbian.

JAVA - ISO10126d2Padding
symbian - CPaddingNone
for small strings it's working.
but while trying to decrypt lengthy string in symbian which is encrypted in JAVA i am not able to decrypt entire string, after 16bytes getting wrong value. anybody have idea regarding this issue?

plain text : the padding should be done at the end of that last block with random bytes
Encrypted in Java : 6889f21d0f7abbefe6a85d079aacf7d9df4978d9ae3a97ab069bca29e9ff95baee07c60e60777396e31a338ffb35b09f933c66491efc394a03699ea466c9f8ca1cb12af932caae1b72ea45f1f3424ed7
Decrypted in Symbian : 
the padding shou\x04íÒ\x7FjZ߀ˆÍ}f±ºi\x1D·Ê\x1AøÍ&ï¢HßùÛsæl\f
\x18\x10ýÃmZû“\x15ÂþýX\t$>ž ...
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No clue, but since it's exactly 16 bytes and AES is a block cipher, I'm going to guess it has to do with the padding. Why are you configuring different padding on each end? –  cha0site Apr 5 '12 at 11:19
because in server side ISO10126d2Padding is used and it's not there in symbian so i am using CPaddingNone. –  poppy Apr 5 '12 at 11:34
Are you using a base64 encrypt/decrypt on the sender/receiver? –  Tech Trip Apr 5 '12 at 11:41
even i compared values by encrypting this value in symbian java only starting values is same symbian : h‰ò\x1D\x0Fz»ïæ¨]\aš¬÷ÙçÖH ¼‰sBï¼x,ã¬Y~ß=쮟\x11Gö<1\x13ê*\'M‚+Œ&N \"Æeñºl_´ÜªáAŽh¯€\x19–\x1 ... JAVA : h‰ò\x1D\x0Fz»ïæ¨]\aš¬÷ÙßIxÙ®:—«\x06›Ê)éÿ•ºî\aÆ\x0E`ws–ã\x1A\x33û5°Ÿ“<fI\x1Eü9J\x‌​03iž¤fÉøÊ\x1C ±*ù ... –  poppy Apr 5 '12 at 11:44
@Tech Trip : No i am not using base64 using CAESEncryptor and CAESDecryptor class –  poppy Apr 5 '12 at 11:49

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