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Ive wrote a script to get the services of a machine and i want to mirror the StartMode to another machine. I cant think of how to achieve the latter: setting the services on the remote machine. Heres a script ive written so far:

#List of Issue of services 
$NamesOfIssueServices = "Browser", "Dhcp", "Dnscache", "dwmrcs", "iphlpsvc", "LanmanServer", "LanmanWorkstation", "MMCSS", "MpsSvc", "Netlogon", "Netman", "netprofm", "NlaSvc", "nsi", "p2pimsvc","PNRPsvc","PolicyAgent", "SessionEnv", "stisvc", "W32Time", "WinHttpAutoProxySvc", "WinRM"

#get all services 
$W32Services = Get-WmiObject Win32_Service

#filter wanted services 
$IssueServices = $W32Services | Where-Object {$NamesOfIssueServices -contains $_.name}

#display wanted services
$IssueServices | Sort-Object name | ft Name, DisplayName, State, StartMode, StartName
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If you're using PowerShell v2.0 you can easily do that by using the Set-Service cmdlet:

foreach ($service in $issueServices) {
    $startMode = $service.StartMode

    if ($service.StartMode -eq "Auto") {
        $startMode = "Automatic"

    Set-Service -ComputerName TheRemoteMachine -Name $service.Name -StartupType $startMode

The conditional statement is due to an incompatibility between the value "Auto" obtained from the StartMode property and the argument "Automatic" expected by the -StartupType parameter.

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+1 for having saw the difference from AUTO in win32_service and AUTOMATIC in set-service! –  CB. Apr 5 '12 at 11:53
Thanks works a treat –  resolver101 Apr 5 '12 at 13:42

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