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I am trying to write a simple application that the user will enter values into a table that will be generated dynamically when an input is supplied using this code:

if (textBoxX.Text == "" || numericDataPoints.Value == 0) return;
//readjust the table layout panel to receive the inputs
tableX.Enabled = true;
dPoints = (int)numericDataPoints.Value;
double cx = 1;
while (cx < dPoints)
    tableX.GetControlFromPosition(0, 0);

    tableX.ColumnStyles.Add(new ColumnStyle(SizeType.AutoSize));
    TextBox t = new TextBox();
    t.Dock = DockStyle.Fill;
    cx += 0.5; //this is to add two columns for each data point

Problem is newly added columns are hidden.

Any suggestions to how I can fix this?


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