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I'm usually not someone who posts in a forum, since I was always able to find something without bothering anyone. Anyway, this time I had no luck.

I have programmed a DB-Communications-System for my website, where you can leave messages for the rest of the family from a Java application, an Android app and the website itself. On this website you login through a fe_user login mask and then you can access the form. Here I have a dropdown selection 'From' and a dropdown selection 'For' where there are the names of the family to choose. What I want is for the page to read the currently logged in user and automatically set the 'From' Variable according to this user.

On many pages I have found


and the accordig variations of it, but no matter how I tried to get something out of it,

strleng() is always 0,
print_r($_GLOBALS['TSFE']) is always empty
and the whole Array is also empty.
What am I doing wrong? Do I have to do something before I can access these variables? Also in some cases, it doesn´t recognize this object and instead of interpreting the variable, it just says


on the website.

Thank you very much

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do you write an Extension? You try to access via TypoScript? some more information would be helpful. t3lib_div::debug($GLOBALS['TSFE']->fe_user, 'the user object, if there is any'); – maholtz Apr 5 '12 at 12:03
How do you create your form? How do you include your PHP? I Guess there is no need to write PHP Code to archive what you want to do. Use TYPO3 instead:) – maholtz Apr 5 '12 at 12:15
The form is a HTML Form that was supposed to POST the variables to the PHP – Halest Apr 5 '12 at 12:17
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print_r($_GLOBALS['TSFE']) is always empty

you should try $GLOBALS['TSFE'] and not $_GLOBALS['TSFE']

so $GLOBALS['TSFE']->fe_user->user is absolutely correct to check for a logged in user

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If you need to get logged in user from TypoScript (and perhaps replace marker) this snippet of TS can be useful:

page.10.marks.UNAME = TEXT
page.10.marks.UNAME.data = TSFE:fe_user|user|username
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Install extension kickstarter and create an frontend-plugin for your own. You will get a simple form example. There you can use $GLOBALS['TSFE'] etc. (Check "By default plugins are generated as cachable USER cObjects. Check this checkbox to generate an uncached USER_INT cObject." while creating your frontend plugin!)

It is the old-school way to start extensions, but i guess in your case the quickest and easiest way to solv your problem.

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If you use TYPO3, you should use the API. I added another possibility. – maholtz Apr 10 '12 at 10:15
install the extension, kickstart new extension via extension manager. Start with your PHP code there – maholtz Apr 30 '12 at 6:59
Do not stop reading. Only three items down there is "Frontend Plugins" which i meant with "create an frontend-plugin for your own". – maholtz May 3 '12 at 14:42
This will kickstart an extension. Just create, install and look into typo3conf/ext/###your extension key name here###/ – maholtz May 3 '12 at 14:56
I kickstarted it, said its category 'frontend plugin' and under "Frontend Plugins" I said "Cache by default..." and "Add as a totally new Content Element type" and also tried "Add as a new Header Type" but still dont know what to do. Again, this cant be so complicated to find out the currently logged in user to give to a PHP Script?! I cant Imagine there wouldnt be a way to do so without having to write a new extension?! – Halest May 4 '12 at 9:37

This will return id of current logged in user

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@Halest and there's the sql injection vulnerability

    $ergebnis = mysql_query("select ses_userid from fe_sessions WHERE ses_id='$SessionID'");

By the way, never trust cookies. They can be modified or even turned off. Try to use more $GLOBALS['DB'] to interact with the database.

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You can use the extension powermail to create your form and to save the data to an database table (afaik, the table needs to has at least fields uid and pid).

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This will return all data of fe_user table. you can get whatever value you want.

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So, after a couple of weeks thinking about it I finally figured it out:

If anyone ever has that problem, here is the answer:

  1. Read the Cookie. There is a Session-ID within "fe_typo_user"

  2. Read the Database Table fe_sessions, the "ses_id" = the Session-ID from the Cookie

  3. Within that row there is a column called "ses_userid", compare that value to the "uid" within "fe_users", read the "username" from there and voila!

Here is an example for it:



$ergebnis = mysql_query("select ses_userid from fe_sessions WHERE ses_id='$SessionID'");

 while ($zeile=mysql_fetch_row($ergebnis))

$ergebnis2 = mysql_query("select username from fe_users WHERE uid='$UserID'");

 while ($zeile2=mysql_fetch_row($ergebnis2))
echo $Username;

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