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Currently to find problems with my OSGi framework, I use ss to list all bundles, see which of them are just INSTALLED and not RESOLVED, and run diag <num> for each number of unresolved bundle. There are problems with this approach:

  1. Can't list only INSTALLED bundles, so I need to find them manually.

  2. Some of the bundles won't be resolved because of dependencies on each other, so I get a lot of duplicate information.

What is a better way to do it?

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for equinox:

ss - display installed bundles (short status) parameters: String[] [-s ] [segment of bsn]

e.g. ss -s INSTALLED

diag - Displays unsatisfied constraints for the specified bundle(s)
      long[]   IDs of bundle(s), for which to display unsatisfied constraints

e.g. diag 1 2 3

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