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I'm trying to map a non standard relationship. I have to tables:


id_table cod_atribute


id_child_table1 id_child_table2 atributes

What I pretend is to join these two tables by cod_atribute = id_child_table1 association through hbm mapping file.

In my Parent_Table class entity I have a Set of Child_Table objects. If I define a one-to-many association the generated join statement is by id_table=id_child_table1. If I define many-to-many association I have an error because it is necessary to define id_child_table1 and id_child_table2 as foreign key.

Could you help me to successfully build this relationship?

Thanks. JB

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you need the property ref in the set to tell hibernate to join on that property instead

<set name="childs" property-ref="cod">
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