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I want to implement the barcode scanner for Blackberry device higher then 5.0. As I am quite new to barcode scanning, I tried to google it and tried searching on stackoverflow. Got few samples, but quite confused.

Can anyone provide me links to get Zxing SDK for blackberry ?

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The ZXing project is already built into Blackberry OS 6+. Still you may want to use a later version than the version that is included. You can of course download this from the site at BBOS support was discontinued in version 2.0, so you will need to use 1.7.

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I think it may help you:

QRCode Implementation In My Blog

If you are not getting the code there then check this link:

barcode-code-scanning for 5.0 and 6.0

Note: It is better to read the conversations in the above link to understand well.

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