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How many percent we need to pass Zend Certifieed PHP5 Exam?

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Q: How will I know if I passed?

At the end of the exam you will receive a pass/fail grade. The numeric score is not released. Should you fail, Zend offers re-take discounts, please email us at certification@zend.com.


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Zend doesn't release that information. They simply tell you if you passed or failed.

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There are sectional results categorised into the twelve topics. E.g Streams and Programming, XML and Web Services, Strings and Pattenrns, PHP 4/5 Differences etc

For each topic, you will get three classes of result namely LOW, MEDIUM AND HIGH. I think you need more medium and highs with no lows in all the topics to pass the exam. If you fail the examn, you may need to concentrate on the low and mediums to pass the re-take.

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When I gave the Zend PHP5 certification exam (and I passed straightaway) they did not reveal the score. End of the exam they will tell if you pass or fail.

Your best bet is to perform well overall in all the sections. According to my understanding, if you do really well in one part and do really bad in other part then that is not good for your overall score and it shows inconsistency. They will test your good understanding and knowledge in all sections and overall(balance diet).

And there are some model tests from their official site. It will help you a lot to understand the exam question patterns and it will give you the score and whether if you pass/fail and the analysis of your performance.

I am planning to sit for the ZEND Framework certification exam next week and I think the above rule also implies the same way.

Good luck and my best wishes.:)

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