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Hibernate 3.6 & postgresql 9.1. Using SQLQuery how to get result array data (array of Long - assistants, array of rows of "Text, Long, Timestamp" - accounts)?

    limit = 10000;
    final SQLQuery sqlQuery = getSession().createSQLQuery("SELECT id, name, ts, " +
            " array(SELECT assistant_id FROM user_assistant WHERE p_id=pr.id ORDER BY assistant_id) AS accounts," +
            " array(SELECT row(type,uid,ts) FROM user_account WHERE p_id=pr.id ORDER BY type) AS accs," +
            " FROM profile pr WHERE ts > ? ORDER BY ts LIMIT " + limit);

The most of DAO functions written with hibernate Entities & annotations. But for a few statistics tasks easier to work with HQL or even SQL. As opposed to pure JDBC in hibernateSQL working with arrays is not so intuitive.

JDBC could be a solution, but I haven't found any way to get JDBC Statement from Hibernate Session or Connection. ResultTransformer doesn't help also, fails with:

    org.hibernate.MappingException: No Dialect mapping for JDBC type: 2003
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By referring this


What you can do something like;

session.createSQLQuery("Your custom query")
 .addScalar("field1", Hibernate.STRING)
 .addScalar("field2", Hibernate.STRING)
 .addScalar("field3", Hibernate.STRING)

and then

 for(Object rows : query.list()){
    Object[] row = (Object[]) rows;
    String field1 = row[0] // contains field1
    String field2 = row[1]
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