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I need to make some part of text bold while displaying in jquery:

$(':checked').each(function() {
    var $textarea = $('textarea');
    $textarea.val($textarea.val() + $(this).prop('name') + ' = ' + this.value + '\n' );

In the above code, i want to make $(this).prop('name') as bold while displaying it in textarea .

Please give me any suggestion/help

Thank you in advance Ramsai

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You can't you should use a div with content editable enabled. – noob Apr 5 '12 at 12:30
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Text inside a textarea can't be bold, as far as i know, because making text bold requires markup and the textarea is not processed (unless you use a WYSIWYG plugin like Tiny MCE).
You could do something like stackoverflow which has a preview panel where text is previewed with markup

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You can't change the formatting of individual characters inside of a textarea's display.

However, you can use a div (for example) and set its contenteditable attribute, which lets you make certain words bold, for example. This however is much more complicated than a textarea.

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