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How to vertically Align a text with a Select Option.

enter image description here


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Use labels as in this example fiddle. Markup:

<form action="">
    <label for="startDate">Start Date:</label>
    <select id="startDate">
        <option value="Mar 04">Mar 04</option>
    <label for="endDate">End Date:</label>
    <select id="endDate">
        <option value="Aug 04">Aug 04</option>

When this does not work, then there are some inherited styles interfering and try to set vertical-align: middle as shown in this demo.

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In IE and Chrome the select tag text is aligned center automatically, not in firefox. To only target firefox with a padding, without compromising IE and Chrome: Use a browser specific hack for FF and give it a padding-top:

@-moz-document url-prefix() {
        .select select{
                 padding-top: 8px;
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