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how to fetch the data from one database and insert in to another database table....I can't to do this. Please help me to for transferring Data from on to another. thanks in advance...

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Many ways to do this. What are your requirements? "I can't do this." What have you tried? What error do you see? –  Jamie F Apr 5 '12 at 12:59

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There are several ways to do this, below are two options:

Option 1 - Right click on the database you want to copy

  • Choose 'Tasks' > 'Generate scripts'

  • 'Select specific database objects'

  • Check 'Tables'

  • Mark 'Save to new query window'

  • Click 'Advanced'

  • Set 'Types of data to script' to 'Schema and data'

  • Next, Next

You can now run the generated query on the new database.

Option 2

  • Right click on the database you want to copy

  • 'Tasks' > 'Export Data'

  • Next, Next

  • Choose the database to copy the tables to

  • Mark 'Copy data from one or more tables or views'

  • Choose the tables you want to copy

  • Finish

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in sql server 2008 to copy all data of each table you should enable Script Data in 'Tasks' > 'Generate scripts'==>Script Wizard==> choose Script Option part –  Arash Oct 23 '13 at 22:03
  1. You can backup and restore the database using Management Studio.
  2. Again from Management Studio you can use "copy database".
  3. you can even do it manually if there is a reason to do so. I mean manually create the target db and manually copying data by sql statements...

can you clarify why you ask this? Is it that you dont have expierience in doing it or something else?

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There are multiple options and depend on your needs. See the following links:

  1. Copying Data Between Servers
  2. Copy tables from one database to another in SQL Server.
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if both databases are on same server and you want to transfer entire table (make copy of it) then use simple select into statement ...

select * into anotherDatabase..copyOfTable from oneDatabase..tableName

You can then write cursor top of sysobjects and copy entire set of tables that way.

If you want more complex data extraction & transformation, then use SSIS and build appropriate ETL in it.

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It wasn't clear from the top that both source and target were the same DB (SQL Server) or version (2008), but I use IRI NextForm for DB migrations in Eclipse, which connects to both and many others. It's a pretty inexpensive, cross-DB mapping and movement platform that leverages serializable job scripts, SQL edit/run, auto-DDL and loading, and lineage features like git.

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