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I'm working on an ASP (Classic) application using MS SQL as database. In the database I got 2 values storen StartTime and EndTime

StartTime                   EndTime
1899-12-30 09:30:00.000     1899-12-30 17:00:00.000

The thing is, when I read those values from the database and write them on my page


I get the following result:

09:30:00 AM

05:00:00 PM

While I would need a normal short 24h format. It seems to me that ASP formats the time by itself here, is there any way to disable this without having to change the code?

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This has to do with the locale of the server. ASP Classic formats numbers, currency and dates accordingly.

You can setup a specific locale by using:

Session.LCID = [locale]

See ASP LCID Property for some more info. A list with locales can be found here.

For my own code I tend to convert a string to a date:

dim rawDate : rawDate = cDate(value)

After that I can decompose the date and assemble it in any way I need. Take a look at the Date/Time Functions here.

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Use this

FormatDateTime ( cdate(rsSessions("StartTime") ), 4)

4 = vbShortTime - Return time: hh:mm

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