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i have url of RSS feed Click here in the context of url you can see title and description over there. now i need to parse it in to android i have try to search on it but all help is regarding xml format. but here i want something like "HTML parse" and based on that perticular news description i can parse.. so is there any idea regarding those parse if yes then please help me on this...

one more thing in my searching i found that this link may be usefull for me and it guide me or attract to use "Apache Feedparser" so is this right way ??

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My advice is to use JSoup to parse the HTML.

It is very simple to use and well documented, you should not have too much trouble parsing your page.

EDIT, to point you in the right direction for parsing your page:

You should take a look at this documentation page.

You should able to parse the title and article content with something like this:

Document doc = Jsoup.connect("http://.....").get();
String title ="h3").first().text(); //text in <h3> tag
String articleContent ="div.articleLeft p").toString(); //text in <p> elements nested in the <div class="articleLeft">
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but can you tell me how can i get exactly those news detail?? – Nikunj Patel Apr 5 '12 at 13:23
becase if you right click, you show <P> tag are there and in one page there are multiple p tag so what is the idea that we can exactly fo through description? – Nikunj Patel Apr 5 '12 at 13:25

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