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I have to execute the following query in Android SQLite

UPDATE player SET rank=rank+1 WHERE rank >= 3;

Here rank is the column name of INTEGER type.

I know about update method

update(tablename, values, whereClause, whereArgs);

I will pass player as first argument, rank >= 3 as 3rd argument and null as last argument but I am unable to find what to pass as 2nd argument. According to the docs it should be an object of ContentValues.

so I created its object as

ContentValues values = new ContentValues();

I am confused about what to put the value for rank key which is a column in my table. Please suggest me what to pass as value to put() method of values

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I believe update method is not One-Size-Fit-All method. So I think you need to use rawQuery() to achieve this kind of sql execution. for example:

db.rawQuery("UPDATE player SET rank=rank+1 WHERE rank >= 3;", null);

or perhaps use execSQL as said by el7r

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alternatively you can use exec , and execute your sql command

db.execSQL("UPDATE player SET rank=rank+1 WHERE rank >= 3");

to do it using the update method, you will need to get the current rank in a variable using Cursor, and then do the + thing manually "current+1"

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Worked for me. +1 – VikramV Mar 25 '14 at 13:37

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