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When parsing an xml file in android, I'm doing like this:

    InputStream is = ...
    MyContentHandler ch = new MyContentHandler();
    Xml.parse(is, Encoding.UTF_8, ch);
catch ...

The problem is that sometimes the file I'm trying to parse is not well-formed. In my case, undeclared namespaces may be present.

The data I'm interested in is not inside those tags so I could simply ignore it, but I get an exception of unbound prefix not inside the content handler but in the parser itself; this means that if the exception occurs the entire parsing process is interrupted.

Is there a way of using the sax parser ignoring this kind of error (or namespaces at all)?

p.s. I want to avoid loading all the file in memory as a string and strip namespaces out of it, or having to rewrite the file.

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I found the solution in another thread.

Instead of using Xml.parse you need to manually instantiate a sax parser through the SAXParserFactory and get a reader.

You can then set the reader features.

Among the available features, one disables namespaces and that does the trick.

Reference -> LINK

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