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I am working on SSRS 2008.

I have a report as follows, I want the toal of Amount in Total column. I am not able to get total in column. I have tried Add Total/Sum() features of SSRS but no luck.

|Supplier | Agent | Amount | Total |
|         | A10051| 237.2  |       |
|S2005068 +-------+--------+       |       
|         |A10052 | 23.8   |       |
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Make the question clear. The total column in the last is for the supplier group or Amount Group?. As I can see the column is based on Supplier group is it right?. – M.C.Rohith Apr 5 '12 at 14:14
ya.. it's for Supplier group – Vikramsinh Shinde Apr 5 '12 at 14:20
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I think your design is not proper. The total row in the last column will be under the details group. If you want a total on the last column you can get but for-each row it will repeat. use

=Sum(Fields!Amount.Value,"Supplier") here Supplier is the "Group Name"

To avoid this repeatition we need to add the total column inside the supplier group and use =Sum(Fields!Amount.Value) for total


Right click on the Amount column data -> Add Total -> Before or After. This will display the sub-total for the Supplier group in the same Amount column after/before as you selected.

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Add total on the supplier group, add it before or after, depending if you want it on top or bottom. SSRS will fill in =SUM(Fields!Amount.Value) and show the total 268 below.

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I have tried Add Total below and it gave me sum at the bottom row. Is it possible to get sum in column – Vikramsinh Shinde Apr 5 '12 at 13:28

To make a Total Rows =countRows("dataset")

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