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i use libmemcached in "c" for write data whit MEMCACHED_DISTRIBUTION_CONSISTENT_KETAMA usage. All keys are well distributed along all clusters nodes, but when i shutdown one of these, the keys are not migrated. Searching on google is not clear how to setup libmemcached for doing' that automatically. Any one has some experience on that?

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when u say migrated do you mean any new sets on the key fails ? –  keety Apr 5 '12 at 13:47
yes, the new set of the key that was on shutdown node, fails to set on new server. –  Claudio Bisegni Apr 5 '12 at 14:03

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I think you'll have to use: http://docs.libmemcached.org/memcached_behavior.html#MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_REMOVE_FAILED_SERVERS

If you don't allow libmemcached to remove failed servers, they get stuck in the list, hence the keys are not redistributed.

Note that the dead server would be tested again after http://docs.libmemcached.org/memcached_behavior.html#MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_RETRY_TIMEOUT seconds. So if it's up again, it will be brought back into the full servers' list.

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