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I'm building a rails3 application and at the moment I have the following line in my routes.rb file:

get "/:id" => 'tapes#show'

In other words, you can show a Tape using and also by using (I am also using friendly_id gem so the user sees in fact a friendly URL in the form of

Now, what I would like to achieve is to do the same thing for Users pages. So instead of showing a User page using I want to be able to also use

Is there a way to implement this 'users' logic in routes.rb together with the existing 'tapes' rule and somehow set a priority? So if someone accesses my app would search if there is a User record with id 'alex' and if none is found then look for a Tape with id 'alex'.

Could I use some kind of Advanced Constraints in routes? Any ideas?

Many thanks for the help,


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Rails would have no way to determine which controller you were trying to access. The only way that this would be possible, is if either:

  1. you could determine which model it would resolve to based upon some regular expression on the name. or

  2. You knew that user names and tape names never conflicted, and were willing to suffer the cost of hitting the database to resolve the correct controller.

This is probably a bad idea for a number of reasons, it would have performance implications, it also doesn't conform to RESTful principles, and it would probably be confusing to users.

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Thanks for your reply idbentley. I was wondering if I could implement the logic in the Tapes controller, i.e. only if @tape is not found based on the provided id then search if this id corresponds to a user and if so redirect accordingly. Given my application it is safe to assume that tapes will be accessed far more frequently than users. Would that if statement significantly affect performance? – Alex Apr 5 '12 at 17:03
Also, I would like to offer users the option of easily sharing their profile with the public, so it makes sense to remove the /users/ part from their URL. Same with the Tapes model. Just explaining my reasoning.. – Alex Apr 5 '12 at 17:08
You certainly could do this, yes. Something like if Tape.find_by_name tape_name will do the conditional, and if no such Tape exists, use the redirect_to function to pass it along. However, as I said above, this will add an unnecessary database call to each request. The performance implications are probably not a big deal. I would still advise against it: is just as readable as, and requires no hackery. Finally, if you chose to do this, be sure to document it, because it will be confusing to future developers. – idbentley Apr 5 '12 at 18:10

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