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I want to redirect my '/' uri to a given controller's action. I used to do it via the following code in UrlMappings.groovy:

"/"(action: "highlights", controller: "project")

However, this does not rewrite the url in the browser. It redirects to the correct controller's action, but the browser's navigation Url is still at myProject/. I would like it to be updated to the "correct" uri so that reloads, etc. use the "correct" uri.

I tried:

"/"(uri: "/project/highlights")

but I get a status 404 response.

Any suggestions on how I should proceed?

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UrlMappings is only for how to map the url to your controller.action. It won't do any redirect. If you want to do url redirect, you probably need to setup a http server like apache in front of your application server or the easier way is to just setup a controller.action to do the redirect manually.

"/"(action: "redirect", controller: "project")

In the project controller, and redirect action, just redirect the user to your highlights action.

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I did that, thanks. PS: if named "redirect", the controller's action overrides Grails' redirect() method –  Euloiix Apr 5 '12 at 14:13

Your application is deployed to myProject/ context. Hence root ("/") for your application is myProject/. What you want to do is to deploy your application to your server root context. You can do this by setting grails.app.context = “/” in your Config.groovy.

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