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What are excellent C++ IDE options that support the new standard c++0x (windows os friendly) besides visual .net 2010 (the beta is way too slow/clunky)?

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While not supporting the full C++0x standard, much of the TR1 stuff is included in the SP1 update to Visual Studio 2008. The SP1 update includes the feature pack that was released last year.

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thats a good start – Mark Essel Jun 16 '09 at 18:27

Now, two years after the question was asked, VisualStudio 2010 supports the following core language features.

  1. Lambda functions
  2. Rvalue references (move semantics and perfect forwarding).
  3. type inference (auto and decltype)
  4. nullptr
  5. Trailing return type specification auto f() -> int
  6. static_assert
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Thanks, time flies when you're coding in languages outside of c++ – Mark Essel Jul 3 '11 at 21:07

Your problem is that there are few compilers that support the C++0x spec. Specifically, g++ does not come near yet, and there won't be any FOSS IDEs that fully support C++0X until g++ does.

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Yeah some friends at work suggested Netbeans with gcc and cygwin but we agreed that g++ isn't there yet – Mark Essel Jun 16 '09 at 18:27

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