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I am using bouncycastle (JAVA) for signing, encryption, decryption and signatures' verification in implementation of SSO. I have raw PGP public and private keys and I need to store them in Java keystore. These PGP public keys have no certificate.

I understand that for public keys (according to javadoc of Keystore: http://docs.oracle.com/javase/6/docs/api/java/security/KeyStore.html) I have to create certificate. Once certificate is created I can import it to the keystore as KeyStore.TrustedCertificateEntry. However, I am not able to create certificate entry for type org.bouncycastle.openpgp.PGPPublicKey.

I have searched through the web but could not find any valid example:

  1. Bouncycastle documentation: http://www.bouncycastle.org/wiki/display/JA1/X.509+Public+Key+Certificate+and+Certification+Request+Generation Generates certificate for X.509 keys -
  2. Bouncycastle examples - org.bouncycastle.openpgp.examples.DirectKeySignature: Add certificat (object of type PGPSignature) directly to the PGPPublicKey. To conclude - I have signed (certified) PGPPublicKey but I am not able to store this type of Key into the java keystore.

    OutputStream out = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
    if (armor)
        out = new ArmoredOutputStream(out);
    PGPPrivateKey pgpPrivKey = secretKey.extractPrivateKey(secretKeyPass.toCharArray(), "BC");
    PGPSignatureGenerator       sGen = new PGPSignatureGenerator(secretKey.getPublicKey().getAlgorithm(), PGPUtil.SHA1, "BC");
    sGen.initSign(PGPSignature.DIRECT_KEY, pgpPrivKey);
    BCPGOutputStream            bOut = new BCPGOutputStream(out);
    PGPSignatureSubpacketGenerator spGen = new PGPSignatureSubpacketGenerator();
    boolean isHumanReadable = true;
    spGen.setNotationData(true, isHumanReadable, notationName, notationValue);
    PGPSignatureSubpacketVector packetVector = spGen.generate();
    return PGPPublicKey.addCertification(keyToBeSigned, sGen.generate()).getEncoded();

I am mainly interested in programatic solution (java source code) but examples that use some tools will be helpful too.


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I think you should extract a java.security.PublicKey from your PGPPublicKey and use that to construct an X509Certificate which can be stored in a keystore.

JcaPGPKeyConverter c = new JcaPGPKeyConverter();
PublicKey publicKey = c.getPublicKey(pgpPublicKey);
// ... Use Bouncy's X509V3CertificateGenerator or X509v3CertificateBuilder
// ... to construct a self-signed cert
X509Certificate x509Certificate = // ...
// ... add cert to KeyStore

To create an X509Certificate from a PublicKey see: Generate random certificates.

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