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            "plugins" : ["themes","html_data","ui","crrm"], 
            "themes" : {
                    "theme" : "apple",
                    "dots" : true,
                    "icons" : false

    $("#createIf_c").click(function () { 
        $("#ifTree").jstree("create",null,"inside",  { "data" :{ title:"if",value:"expression"} },
                function() {}, true);
            var a = $.jstree._focused().get_selected();

In this above code I have created a jstree and upon click of a button with id #createIf_c I am adding a node with title "if" but as I want some more data to be associated with this node , I have added more attributes to it while creating the node. Next when I am trying to access this associated data, here "value" then I am getting the alert 'undefined'. So is there a different way for associating data with a node? or a different way of accessing the associated data of a node is jstree?..please help....

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The simplest way to do this is just like adding an attribute to an html element i.e.,

    var node = $.jstree._focused().get_selected(); //get the selected node or which ever you want the data to be associated with
    node.attr("expression","xyz"); //add an attribute (name,value) here, name-expression and value-xyz
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Plz refer to the Author's answer.

You could edit info by $('#tree').jstree(true).get_node("some_node_id"), and post the extra data as json by $('#tree').jstree(true).get_json("some_node_id").

You can add anything you want to the data object. Like:
{ "id" : "some_node_id" "text" : "some node", ... "data" : { "foo" : "bar", "example_array" : ["1",2,true], "obj" : {"asdf":"asdf1"}  } ...

And later on you can retrieve it like so:
$('#tree').jstree(true).get_node("some_node_id").data.obj.asdf; // this would equal "asdf1"
$('#tree').jstree(true).get_node("some_node_id").data.example_array; // this would be an array: ["1",2,true]

Setting other values is just as simple - you are working with a normal object:
$('#tree').jstree(true).get_node("some_node_id").data.obj.asdf = "some other value";
$('#tree').jstree(true).get_node("some_node_id").data.example_array = "I do not want this an array anymore";
$('#tree').jstree(true).get_node("some_node_id").data.obj.new_property = 1024;
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Proper way to associate a data to node is as follows:

If you are adding more data i.e. attribute then mentioned all attributes (name, value) under "attr" property

"attr":{ attributeName1:"attributeValue1", attributeName2:"attributeValue2"...... }

 $("#createIf_c").click(function () { 
   { "data" : "testNodeName", 
      "attr": { title:"if",value:"expression"} },  function() {}, true);
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you can put your extra date in the JSON this is not documented
enter image description here

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