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I want to specify some options in a levelplot() of the R package lattice. I set the argument scales and this works fine:

scales = list(x = list(at = c(0:8*16 +.5),
                   cex = 0), 
          y = list(at = c(0:8*16+.5),
                   cex = 0))    

Now, I want to have this argument as default. I.e. I want to have this scales in each levelplot() in the session without specifying this argument each time. I tried to do this with lattice.options() but I don't know how.

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One way would be to store this list in a variable and call this variable every time you use levelplot. –  Roman Luštrik Apr 6 '12 at 6:45

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How about lattice::trellis.par.set()?

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