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I want to replace char '&' if it's not followed by '#'. For example in this string "& hello &# world!" I'd want to select only the first '&'.

So far I came up with this regex:


However, this selects 2 characters, whereas I want to only select the ampersand character.

Any help from RegExp Gurus would be appreciated.

BTW. It may be important: I want to use it in java replaceAll().

Many thanks, Damo

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Using negative lookahead:

System.out.println("& hello &# world!&".replaceAll("&(?!#)", "&"));


& hello &# world!&
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Accepted, because this was the first answer pointing towards negative lookahead. +1 to all other answers. Thanks guys. – damo_inc Apr 5 '12 at 15:02
String s = "&$ &# &s &";
String r = s.replaceAll("&([^#])|(&$)", "&$1");
System.out.println("r = " + r);


r = &$ &# &s &
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What you need is negative lookahead. Consider this simple code:

String str = "& &$ &# &s &#";
str = str.replaceAll("&(?!#)", "&");
// assigns: & &$ &# &s &#

This basically means replace & if not followed by #.

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  • You could replaceAll &# by @# or any other improbable char sequence.
  • Replace all & by what you want
  • and replace back all @# by &#
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+1 Nice one - thinking outside the box. :-) – damo_inc Apr 5 '12 at 14:41

I think Lookaround applies here: &(?!#)

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you can use negative lookahead.


The negative lookahead construct is the pair of round brackets, with the opening bracket followed by a question mark and an exclamation point. Inside the lookahead, we have the trivial regex #.

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You'll need to do a look ahead

Haven't tested it in java though

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