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I'm trying to get the hello world app running from the doc.

I get the following error:

render(java.lang.String) in views.html.index cannot be applied to (play.data.Form<controllers.Application.Hello>)

Pointing to the following code block:

   * Home page
  public static Result index() {
     return ok(index.render(form(Hello.class)));

Also Eclipse cannot resolve the .render method on the index object.

the method render(String) in the type index is not applicable for the arguments (Form<Application.Hello>)

I defined the following imports:

package controllers;

import play.*;
import play.mvc.*;
import play.data.*;
import play.data.validation.Constraints.*;

import java.util.*;
import views.html.*;

Also the hello.scala.html and the index.scala.html are available in the folder app/views/

Any idea what I did wrong?

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Each view in Play 2.0 is Scala function which contains arguments, most probably you have in the index.sacala.html String declared at the beginning:

@(message: String)

and it should be your form:

in controller:

final static Form<MyModel> myForm = form(MyModel.class);

public static Result blank() {
    return ok(formNew.render(myForm));

and in the view:

@(myForm: Form[MyModel])  
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Thanks for your help. Got it and it works now! – Thomas Kremmel Apr 5 '12 at 15:57

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