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By default, editing an item in a QTable selects all the text within the cell. I want to avoid that. However, I cannot seem to find where this happens.

I wrote a simple custom Delegate which inherits from QStyledItemDelegate, and returns a custom object which simply inherits from a QLineEdit. In these classes, I tried some combinations of what I thought could do the "trick", such as disabling QLineEdit::focusInEvent(), specifying the selection of my QLineEdit, but nothing works.

The closest I get is that when I click a cell, I set the selected text I want. But between the moment when the cell is clicked, and the moment when my custom selection is performed, the whole text is selected anyway, which I want to avoid.

Any idea? Thanks,

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Coding a custom QLineEdit like this:

class MyLineEdit : public QLineEdit {
  MyLineEdit(QWidget*parent=0) : QLineEdit(parent)

  void showEvent(QShowEvent*)
    setSelection(1,2); // should be configurable

and setting it as editor widget, I can double-click the table cell and obtain a line edit with some pre-selected text without any flickering. Anyway, the entire cell becomes selected in the middle of double-clicking, don't know if this is acceptable for you.

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This did the trick. Thanks! –  piwi Apr 6 '12 at 7:29

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