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We are writing an application in ASP.NET MVC (also using Jquery). Our users expect a grid style control very similar to an excel spreadsheet. They want to edit everything directly in each cell including the use of dropdowns, text fields, datepickers, and checkboxes.

I've looked at many of the 3rd party grid controls that are out there, but they all seem very difficult to implement the experience in which our users are accustomed to. Many of these 3rd party tools have problems with Combo boxes and data binding. Others require the user to click on an edit button in order to edit the contents of the row (which doesn't work for our user community).

The only time they want to click a button is on "delete a row", "save all your work", and "add a new row"

Does anyone have a suggestion of a 3rd party tool that we could use to achieve this? It would almost be like a google spreadsheet type of app with the ability to make some of the rows datepickers, combo boxes, etc.

Thanks ahead of time for the help!

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Maybe the jQuery plugin Handsontable that I made would help you? Its goal is to provide Excel-like navigation.

It is not tied to any backend, so you would have to implement saving by yourself.

Unfortunately it does not have checkboxes, datepickers. It does have autocomplete (dropdown), though.

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I have just used jqGrid and Tomasz Pęczek's Lib.Web.Mvc helpers to achive something similar.

Hope that helps.

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Maybe Telerik MVC grid, look at the demo :


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Telerik is one of the ones that we are currently testing. It's actually come the closest so far to meeting our requirements. –  carlg Apr 5 '12 at 16:49

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