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Is there any simple solution how to perform INSERT queries on one database and SELECT queries on another using Doctrine?

I'm trying to use Doctrine with Mysql replication...

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How do you use Doctrine: with symfony 1, Symfony 2, Zend, from scratch? Which version of doctrine do you use? – j0k Apr 5 '12 at 15:37
for now i use codeigniter + doctrine 1.2, however it is not so hard to switch to 2.x. if there will some sense in it – samrockon Apr 5 '12 at 16:28
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Already found a solution, 2 classes need to be modified:

class Doctrine_Query, change preQuery method:

public function preQuery()
    $doctrine_manager = Doctrine_Manager::getInstance();

    if ($this->getType() == Doctrine_Query::SELECT) {
       $this->_conn = $doctrine_manager->getConnection('slave');
    } else { 
       $this->_conn = $doctrine_manager->getConnection('master');

class Doctrine_Record, update method save:

public function save(Doctrine_Connection $conn = null)
    if ($conn === null) {
        $conn = Doctrine_Manager::getInstance()->getConnection('master');
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