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When you split a node that is of order 5, then you would have 4 keys, so you would be able to distribute evenly, but when the node has an odd number of keys then things dont distribute so evenly. Any help with this?

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Is this homework? If so, you should add the homework tag. – dave Apr 5 '12 at 16:18

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Go read Wikipedia article. It describes this exactly:

If this number is odd, then U=2L and one of the new nodes contains (U−2)/2 = L−1 elements, and hence is a legal node, and the other contains one more element, and hence it is legal too. If U−1 is even, then U=2L−1, so there are 2L−2 elements in the node. Half of this number is L−1, which is the minimum number of elements allowed per node.

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