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I am using Axlsx to create an excel file. For small datase, it works fine. But once the dataset gets big, it just hanged. I ran strace on the process, it was doing a lot brk.

a = Axlsx::Package.new
book = a.workbook
book.add_worksheet(:name => "test") do |sheet|

  input_array.each do |input_data|
     ...# covert input_data to row_data
File.open("testfile", 'w') { |f| f.write(p.to_stream().read) }

My input_array size is about 400,000, so the work sheet has 400,000 rows, quite large. It got stuck at p.to_stream().read. any help would be great. Thanks.

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2 Answers

Looks like I need to start paying attention to SO! This is randym (the author of axlsx)

There are a couple of things I'd like to point out that should help you get what you need done, well... done!

  1. If you are writing to a file, consider Package#serialize - not because it is faster, but because it is less code for you to maintain.

    p.serialize 'filename.xlsx'

  2. Major performance improvements have been made over the last few weeks. Please upgrade to 1.1.1 The gem no longer depends on RMagic, and use_autowidth = false is no longer required.


Benchmarks for master:

Benchmarks w/40k rows:
                            user     system      total        real
axlsx_noautowidth      68.130000   1.690000  69.820000 ( 80.257108)
axlsx                  61.520000   2.290000  63.810000 ( 78.187423)
axlsx_shared           53.280000   1.170000  54.450000 ( 62.880780)
axlsx_stream           52.110000   1.360000  53.470000 ( 61.980672)
csv                    10.670000   0.930000  11.600000 ( 14.901387)

Benchmarks w/4k rows:
                            user     system      total        real
axlsx_noautowidth       4.880000   0.120000   5.000000 (  5.314383)
axlsx                   5.470000   0.110000   5.580000 (  5.853739)
axlsx_shared            5.720000   0.080000   5.800000 (  6.135263)
axlsx_stream            4.840000   0.090000   4.930000 (  5.194801)
csv                     1.090000   0.090000   1.180000 (  1.484763)

Here is the benchmarking file:


Hope this helps

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You can try to disable RMagick, which handles column autowidth feature, since it's quite heavy process AFAIK.

a = Axlsx::Package.new   
a.use_autowidth = false
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I am getting this error: undefined method `use_autowidth=' for #<Axlsx::Package:0x00000040b64fc8> (NoMethodError). i am using axlsx-1.0.18. I went through Axlsx source code, it seem use_autowidth is not defined. –  user612308 Apr 9 '12 at 14:04
@user612308 Yeah, it was added a bit later and released in 1.1. –  Nash Bridges Apr 9 '12 at 15:21
thanks Nash. tried, still the same issue. i think the issue is not with use_autowidth, it has something to do with how to_stream() is implemented. right now, i don't have good solutions. i have to set a limit for the number of rows i can add. –  user612308 Apr 10 '12 at 8:28
I'm using axlsx-1.3.6. This definitely work! Thanks dude! –  ryancheung Feb 25 at 9:46
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