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I have made a simple web form in Google app engine where I have added a recaptcha component. The component is showing up on my web page. But i have no idea how to make the api call. my code is;

def post(self):

    challenge = self.request.get('recaptcha_challenge_field')
    response  = self.request.get('recaptcha_response_field')
    remoteip  = os.environ['REMOTE_ADDR']
    private_key = 'xxx'

    cResponse = self.request.submit("private_key"&remoteip="remoteip"&challenge="challenge"&response="response")

    if cResponse.is_valid:
        # response was valid
        # other stuff goes here
        error = cResponse.error_code

its pretty clear that my api call is completely wrong but i have no idea how to make it. The examples i have seen use the plugin.

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Use the URL Fetch API documented here, the first example in the linked page should be suitable for your needs. Notice that url fetches have a quota and are billable.

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thanks. is there no free option? i will try to add this in my code now and update on the result. – Rishav Sharan Apr 5 '12 at 17:50
Yes, you can use it for free under the quota limits: – Masci Apr 5 '12 at 18:34

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