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I am following the Jetty HttpClient Example, but I am unable to get an SSL connection working. When I connect using a proxy, it throws a "Not Implemented" exception. When I don't use a proxy, it doesn't return anything.

HttpClient client = new HttpClient();
client.setProxy(new Address("", 80));

// create the exchange object, which lets you define where you want to go
// and what you want to do once you get a response
ContentExchange exchange = new ContentExchange()
  // define the callback method to process the response when you get it
  // back
  protected void onResponseComplete() throws IOException
    String responseContent = this.getResponseContent();

    // do something with the response content


// start the exchange
System.err.println("Response status: " + exchange.getResponseStatus());
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Which version of jetty-client are you using? – Jon Jun 16 '09 at 19:09
I've attempted 6 and 7 – Joshua Jun 16 '09 at 19:12
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Jetty v7.4.1:

if (dest.isSecure()) {
    if (dest.isProxied()) {
        SSLEngine engine=newSslEngine(channel); ep = new ProxySelectChannelEndPoint(channel, selectSet, key, _sslBuffers, engine, (int)_httpClient.getIdleTimeout());
    } else { ...
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Yeah weird, the source code for the Jetty-Client's SelectConnector looks like the following:

 if (dest.isProxied()) {
    String connect = HttpMethods.CONNECT+" "+dest.getAddress()+HttpVersions.HTTP_1_0+"\r\n\r\n";
    // TODO need to send this over channel unencrypted and setup endpoint to ignore the 200 OK response.    
    throw new IllegalStateException("Not Implemented");

so the functionality doesn't exist at present - at least in the version I'm using (6.1.16) for using a proxy in this kind of way. It's also the same in the milestone Jetty 7 version (I found after downloading the source code).

I suggest your try a different client - check out Apache HttpClient:

The Jetty developers should really have marked this clearly in the Javadocs. another alternative is to implementinghave a go at implementing the feature for them and submitting it back as a patch.

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try ProxyHandler (jetty 7) which handle connect-command for tunneling https-connection (via proxy)

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