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I want to move the IO head to the start of a certain CodedOutputStream or ZeroCopyOutputStream so I can update a header data structure with how many protobuf messages are in the file, and how many bytes the following messages consume.

The Backup function is not intended for this, any suggestions ? I am creating a file format for event data, where each file contains multiple event data-sets. I need 2 types of header entities for this (fixed size)A global one, and a per data-set one. I update these after writing in the data-set events. So, How do I move the write header without corrupting the internal state of the stream objects ?.


I wonder, if I flush the stream wrappers and just use the c functions to reseat the head, will this work for the stream classes, or will I end up in undefined land ?

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I guess the most obvious way would be to have two files instead of each one: The main file with the streamed data, and then an index file with the header information.

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Hmm perhaps, I wrote off that approach for not-the-right-reasons. I could leverage the filesystem I suppose. – Hassan Syed Apr 10 '12 at 15:29
Yes that is a very sane suggestion, thank you. I'll use a boost::iostream which I can get a filedescriptor from and protobuf. this way I can use variable length headers. – Hassan Syed Apr 10 '12 at 15:54

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