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I am trying to set up a pretty basic messaging system with ActiveMQ.

I have a network share that another program puts XML files into.

I have an ActiveMQ route set up that I think should be delivering files that are dropped into the network share to my ActiveMQ queue. I am not getting the files delivered to my queue and believe it is because I need to authenticate to the network share.

Can someone help me figure out where in my config files I need to put my NETWORK username and password so the share is accessible to the ActiveMQ?

Or am I going about this completely wrong? I am using the out of the box config for activeMQ and Camel with the exception of my route:


            <description>Leslie Odyssey Route</description>

            <from uri="file://servername.domain.gov/MetroFileDrop"/>

            <to uri="activemq:queue:Odyssey.Queue"/>

In my ActiveMQ command prompt console I see the following:

INFO| Route: route2 started and consuming from:

which makes me believe that the route IS there but I never get any files delivered.

Thanks for any info, Leslie

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So I just noticed that when I start my ActiveMQ it creates this folder on the local C drive...what I need is for it to monitor and connect to an existing network folder location.... –  Leslie Apr 5 '12 at 17:12

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create a folder on your local harddrive that points to your network store and point your camel route to that folder. camel alone doesnt understand network folders.

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Ok, I will give that a try...what I did in the mean time was mapped a drive to that folder (putting my credentials in the mapping) and I used the correct UNC in the route (////servername.domain.gov//MetroFileDrop) and that seems to have worked, but you are saying that I don't need to map the drive? How can I pass credentials by creating a folder that points to the share? –  Leslie Apr 11 '12 at 20:06
no, what i meant was exactly what you did as a workarount. map your network drive to a local folder and point camel to that folder. –  Laures Apr 11 '12 at 20:17

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