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not sure what happened here & can't seem to find any literature explaining how to fix it.

I literally fired up netbeans the other day, and tried to create a new folder, but I'm missing the 'other' category. Tried uninstalling & reinstalling (on OSX), & even upgraded (was 7.0.1, now 7.1.1). Which leads me to believe it's a preference or a setting somewhere. . .

Has anybody seen this before ?

Has anybody seen this before ??

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I fixed it by choosing "Templates" from the "Tools" menu, and then adding a new folder and calling it "Other". When I did this, the folder instantly filled with all the items that had been in the original "Other" folder.

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I had tried adding templates in the template manager, but that didn't fix my issue. I eventually removed all Netbeans v7.1 from my system and upgraded to v7.2.

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I had the same problem. I tried to drag'n'drop file from archive. I don't know how it can be but templates from 'other' folder appeared instead of my file. Maybe it's a bug. I didn't get what happened then and deleted all these files. Maybe something similar happened in your case.

So you need to add templates manually in Template Manager (Tools -> Templates).

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Tried the template manager - didn't fix it. I wound up upgrading to 7.2. – TuK Aug 21 '12 at 16:48

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