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Already some time I try to set up the date_select in my HAML template for displaying just a year and month.

= date_select(:birthday, :order => [:day, :month, :year],:start_year => 1940)

I have this little part of coude. I would expected, that will be displayed the select box sorted as: day, month, year and the year will start since 1940, but not. Are displayed select boxes with: CURRENT YEAR, CURRENT MONTH and CURRENT DAY.

How to change that for displaying just the select boxes for the year and the month?

Thank you

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You should have a look at this: http://api.rubyonrails.org/classes/ActionView/Helpers/DateHelper.html#method-i-date_select

date_select(object_name, method, options = {}, html_options = {})

There should be the method as second parameter and then the options. Also I found on the documentation the option :discard_day, which doesn't display the select for the day.

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