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I have been scouring through the VMware support forums, but no luck so far with my issue.

I am using VMware Fusion 3 with Slackware Linux 13.37, and am attempting to achieve dual-monitor support on my Macbook pro. I attempted this with Ubuntu 10.04 as the guest OS, and, after installing VMware tools on the Ubuntu guest, was able to get dual-monitor support working via some GUI tools in Ubuntu.

I am trying to get the same setup working on my Slackware VM, but no luck. Well, I can do it with KDE as my desktop manager, but I prefer lighter DMs such as Fluxbox or FVWM, but they don't seem to be able to handle it as nicely as KDE.

I have gone through support forums, and have tried every combination of changes to monitor/screen/video-card settings in xorg.conf (ie: /etc/X11/xorg.conf) and cannot get dual monitors working. When I do enable the setting in VMware Fusion (ie: Menu ==> View ==> "Use All Displays in Full-Screen"), I get the same desktop mirrored on both monitors, but not extended like it did when running in Ubuntu.

Has anyone had any luck with getting 2 or more monitors working properly (ie: desktop extend rather than desktop duplication/mirroring) on a non-Ubuntu Linux distro in VMware Workstation or VMware Fusion?

Thank you all in advance!

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After upgrading VMware Tools on my Slackware Linux guest machine, I simply added the following to my ~/.fvwm2rc file:

AddToFunc "InitFunction"
+ "I" Exec exec vmware-user
+ "I" PipeRead `sleep 2`
+ "I" PipeRead `echo Restart`

VMware-tools manages some sort of magic, as I deleted my xorg.conf, and now everything looks good.

There is more information (this is part of a larger problem) that can be found at these StackExchange locations:
FVWM - Split Desktop into Multiple Virtual Desktops

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