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I want to limit full functionality access to my website to users accessing it from USA only. Any users trying to access the website from any other country I want to identify that traffic based on IP or however possible that the user is not based in USA and display a default webpage like "We will be launching in your country soon" .. etc. message.

I have seen this functionality implemented by spotify.com and netflix.com and got a similar coming soon page when I tried to access the sites from India. How do I implement this using PHP?

Thanks for any direction or insight.

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You'll need to employ a geolocation service. Some are free, some are not:

Akamai, Quova, Digital Envoy (Digital Element service), Google (JavaScript), Maxmind, hostip.info, Geobytes, IP2Location, IP-GEO.

Some services you need to connect each time to make a query (you can cache the results). Other services allow you to download a database of IP-to-country mappings.

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